The Science of Human Connection


Intangience MasterClass

The Intangience body of work and courses have been successfully delivered to large audiences across several countries. Now, more than ever, business and brands need fresh solutions and new thinking to meet the emerging challenges of a post pandemic world.
This award winning course guides you on how to better define your business and brands by developing a keen understanding of the way in which customers place value to any purchase decision through the meaning which the offering holds out for them. .
This redefining process becomes key to identifying unfolding opportunities and developing effective communication strategies.
Large corporations and hundreds of participants in several markets have already invested in the Intangience methodology.

This lively, engaging session will be presented by the highly regarded brand strategist, Ernie Ross, based upon his award-winning body of work and trademarked methodology called Intangience,  as used by major corporations. It has been validated by the United Nations established University for Peace through which it is offered to students and business organizations globally.The unique thinking of the Ross’ Intangience methodology has attracted the attention of Harvard Business Review and been the subject of articles in Forbes. It has also been featured on CNN and in AdAge.


25 Sept 2024

Time commitment

90 mins


Ecole des Ponts, Paris, France

What is included:

What would you learn?

It is time to learn the techniques and devices being effectively used by others globally so that you too can master the art of defining and sharing your story to an audience that is waiting to hear it.

Intangience: flexible schedule and compelling content

This online or onsite course caters for individuals’ busy schedules. It includes videos, live webinars, case studies and forums for discussion, presented over the following format.


Module 1
How intangible values are defining the success of global brands.
Module 2
How to build your brand architecture on Intangience.
Module 3
How to develop an emotional connection with your brand.
Module 4
How to redefine your business and uncover new opportunities.
Module 5
How to develop brand characteristics based upon understanding a costumers core values.
Module 6
How to create an organic message and shift perspectives.
Module 7
How to transform a complex concept into a commonly understood experience.
Module 8
How to create a brand differentiation when none exists.
Module 9
How to understand and develop the science of human connection.
Module 10
How to build a consistent and meaningful brand purpose.
Module 11
How to identify your brand’s industry of human relationships.

Who is this course for?

Entrepreneurs, brand managers and marketing professionals.

Intangience MasterClass