Shift Your Thinking

Three Schools of Thought

The building blocks of the Intangience methodology:

This isn’t just a theory. It is a tried, tested and proven methodology in practice everyday across the world. We will not simply demonstrate why it is working for all major global brands, we will demonstrate the three steps you need to take in learning how to successfully apply it.

The shift that will take place in your thinking is unforgettable, remarkable and measurable in the way you will redefine how you connect and communicate both your brand to the market and yourself with the world around you. It is the reason thousands around the world have successfully participated in this award winning course, top corporate leaders endorse it and professors from Harvard as well as other leading learning institutions such as the United Nations established University for Peace have collaborated with Intangience and officially offer it up as a certificate course.

Pillars of Purpose

These are the building blocks upon which the brand architecture is structured. It is an introspective process through which three questions help define the brand identity, purpose, legacy and a universal truth about the industry and environment within which the brand operates.


Who am I?

It requires you to probe beyond the mere functionality of a brand.


What is my purpose?

Explore the reason the brand exists and all that it will ever become from the consumer’s perspective.


How will I be remembered?

A crucial step is to think about what lasting memory which the brand will leave with the consumer.

Currency of Conversation

There are 3 principles upon which the Currency of Conversation strategy is built.
They are Relevance, Regard and Resonance.



A brand must find a way to be highly regarded, desired, spoken about and shared.
  • Relevance: Something only has currency when it has relevance.
  • Regard: Something only has relevance when the source from which it is shared and the community within which it is shared are highly regarded.
  • Resonance: Something only gains recognition and high regard when it resonates.


It is important to note that the learning principles are easily shared through engaging story telling, case studies and engaging, enlightening activities and exercises.

The result is that you learn to understand, speak and apply the language of human connection immediately.

Science of Human Connection

This is where the deep dive occurs to better understand the three elements of an enduring brand relationship. It is comprised of the three principles that reveal how to apply key techniques and devices that create authentic connections, ignite passion for your brand and an understanding of how to spot emerging trends. Each of these will in turn reveal what makes up a compelling brand story, its influence on human behavior and how you can use it for creating meaningful human connections.


Discover the way to ignite a passionate following behind your brand.


Identify which intangible value might best represent your brand to your consumer.


Understand how to tune into the orchestra of influences playing out in the marketplace and predict shifting patterns of consumer behavior.

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