Shift Your Perspective

Everyday Intangibles

Everyday we can see the evidence of how intangible values and assets are defining the world around us. We choose brands and value their worth based upon these very intangibles rather than what we think to be functionality and quality considerations.

Brands speak a whole other language and their interpretation based upon how they embody an intangible value is what determines both desirability and what we’re willing to pay for them.

Some of these brands communicate their essence so well they no longer even use their logos, the simple reference of their colours and package design carry their intangible message and identify.

Intangience will show you how to recognize the various forms of this language of human connection and the ways in which you can develop and use it for building powerful brands and even improving your interpersonal connections.

Creating Meaningful Connections

If I asked you to invest with me in a beverage company that would offer a drink that had no nutritional value. In fact, it would actually be unhealthy to consume and we also would not sell it on flavor. Still, I project to achieve sales of over 1.9 billion units each day globally, you would think I was crazy.

Yet it’s exactly what Coca Cola achieves every single day while not selling the popular beverage on flavor. Phrases such as “Taste the feeling”, “Open happiness”, and the current one: “Real Magic”, never mention flavor. We’re not saying the flavor of Coke isn’t being enjoyed but that’s just a given. It’s not, however, the reason why anyone (including the Coca Cola Company) would identify it as the motivating factor for its global appeal.

So if Coke isn’t selling on nutrition and flavor, how is it achieving such success?

Breakthrough Branding

A brand can be defined as the expectation of a value you’re about to receive.

The question is how do you create that value expectation?
The answer lies in identifying both the intangible values deemed as being very important to your audience and the creative ways in which you embody and manifest them in your brand.

At the entrance of our ReThink offices it is hard to miss an unusual object that stands out amidst the serene and calming environment. It appears to be a frame within which there is a cracked mirror with a broom leaning against it. Many observers have stood before it pondering why was it there or even what caused the cracked mirror. The irony of it is that it isn’t a mirror at all.

Intangience forces us to challenge our version of reality and to see the world differently.

- Ernie Ross, Founder of Intangience