Shift Your Mindset
The Roadmap to Renewed Mindset
Join the thousands in various countries who have successfully completed this transformative course in brand and business development.


You will learn how major global organizations and brands are using the techniques of both developing and measuring intangible values to create their success.


You will understand the science of human connection used by some of the world’s best-selling brands and see the compelling evidence of how the strategies and techniques they deploy create strong emotional connections with consumers across all borders and cultures.


You will learn the Intangience theory that unlocks how ideas are popularized and the ways in which virality of the brand message is achieved.


You will discover the art of developing your brand story in a way that resonates and builds a legacy.


Perspectives Shifted


Awards Won


Global Recognitions

Applying the Language
Through Intangience you will learn and apply the language used successfully by major global brands.

There are over 7,000 languages spoken in the world today yet it is ironic this is the only place where you can learn the most important you will ever use.

What is that language?


The language of human connection spoken through shared intangible values.

Intangience is a portmanteau of the phrases intangible values and the science of human connection.

The Intangience methodology has been validated by the United Nations established University for Peace through which it is offered globally to students, NGO’s and business organizations. It has also attracted the attention of several Harvard professors who have collaborated with its innovator Ernie Ross in award winning initiatives created by him.

Noted in the Harvard Business Review, featured in Forbes, AdAge and on CNN, the body of work produced by Ross through the methodology has won over 500 Addy and Angel awards.

Recently, the prestigious French business school, Ecole des Ponts also staged a MasterClass on Intangience with its founder and creator, Ernie Ross, in Burgundy through the House of Ichigo, an event that recorded an online audience of 145,000.

Step by Step
Learning the techniques is an easy step by step process that includes interesting, challenging activities that shows you what this science of human connection is all about and the ways in which you can apply it in many areas of life.

It will even guide you on how to spot emerging trends placing you in a position of great advantage. And the evidence, presented through an engaging story telling style, leaves any participant entertained, enlightened and enriched

Whether you immerse yourself for just 45 minutes in the MasterClass as thousands around the world have already done or in the three day course, your exposure to this engaging, proven methodology will change the way you build your brands and your own relationships, personally and professionally.

Intangience Immersion Course



This is a highly engaging, interactive course that will shift your perspective on brand development told through amazing storytelling, captivating videos, and unforgettable exercises.

Intangience MasterClass



In this engaging MasterClass you will gain insights into the fascinating science of human connection revealed through the techniques and devices being used by the most successful of global brands.



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