Everyday Intangibles

March 7, 2024


This free public initiative was a follow up to the highly successful Pandemic of Performance series. It featured yet another collaboration with Dr. Tal Ben Shahar iconic former Harvard Professor and best selling author on Positive Psychology along with the innovator of Intangience™, Ernie Ross. Tal guided the audience on techniques of  how to develop a positive mindset and happier life while Ernie shared his insights on how to apply unique business approaches that can meet any challenge and showed how and why purpose driven brands outperform others.

Over four thousand people across several countries participated in the course that ran for three months. The initiative was so successful it copped the prestigious Best of Show Angel Award competing with other social initiatives across the United States.


Pandemic of Performance

The Intangience methodology can be used not only for brand development but to shift attitudes and nudge personal transformation.

Pandemic of Performance was a social initiative offered for free to the public sharing key insights and techniques on shifting perspectives for personal and professional growth during the most challenging of times. 

Intangience was the platform upon which professors from Harvard and Stanford collaborated with us in what became an award winning and highly successful initiative that drew thousands of participants across the region.

It was a powerful example of how the Intangience model could reframe thinking, redefine the way we feel and produce the best of business results at our best even amidst the pandemic. 

The Approach